The History behind the Black Roses

Rose is one type of flower ornamental plants that have thorny stems. During this rose is also known as the queen of flowers that symbolize the life of a human civilization. Rose plants come from the plains of Eastern Europe, which later developed into the plains of China and the Middle East. After that, development is very rapid and then spread wide to areas of cold climates (subtropical) and hot regions (tropical).

One type roses are quite popular is the black roses. The interest rate on this one turned out so much, they generally like it because it is quite unique from other types of roses. Besides unique, there are certain people who use black roses for specific purposes.

Among the different types of roses, perhaps this time the existence of the type of black roses are the rarest compared to other types of roses? The existence of black roses is synonymous with black magic or used for material offerings in certain rituals, and the threat of death or murder. In addition the use of black roses also symbolizes separation, the end of a relationship, or the end of a partnership. Black roses are only found in the interior forests of cool temperate wilderness with high rainfall. Black roses usually grow as parasites clinging to the trunk or large tree roots. However, what we know it as black rose nothing but the kind of red roses that had the intensity of the red color very much or concentrated. Red color density of red rose’s type is caused by anthocyanin pigment content and flavonoid compounds are very high. Many causes that make these types of red roses have a high color density so it looks like a black rose. Among them, variants or species of flowers, the weather, the sun, a place to grow the content of the substrate, and genetic disorders.

Habitat for black roses are found in the jungle on a tiny fraction gets sunlight, weather in the rain forest and cool temperate frequently. This is because with a bit of the intensity of the sunlight shining on the red rose plant will keep the buildup to the anthocyanin levels to be much that is not decomposed or oxidized. So also influence the weather, such as cold air. The cold air will make metabolic reactions or decomposition compound by enzymes plant pigments to be slow so that the resulting colors are not to be easily damaged. Therefore, why do black roses plants are only found in the area. However, the researchers examined the plants are also very enthusiastic about the possibility of developing new varieties of roses black crosses certain types of roses. So, one day we may see new varieties of plants pure black roses can be bought in stores flowering plants.

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