How to Take Care of Roses with Proper

The rose is one of the flowers favored by ladies. This flower is a symbol of love and affection. Flower color is bright and sundry can make everyone instantly liked this one flower. No surprise that roses are often touted as the Queen of Flowers. Well, to make the roses in the yard we continue to bloom beautifully, below is a way of taking care of the roses we can do.

The first is we have to pick roses in pots. It is highly recommended to us the first time to maintain this beautiful flower. Should we use a pot with a large size to make good growth? If you still use a small pot, then the frequency of watering and fertilizer we should do more often than roses planted directly in the ground.

About how planting, we must choose the land that is not easy inundated by water and the soil was not clay. We also have to make sure of that where it has a lot of light intensity, and not have a little breeze. After that, we have to consider is watering the plants. When one to two months of the first, the roses we must flush every day. When watering in the morning we had to flush at the land alone, and make sure the water can seep through the bottom. Then for watering in the afternoon, we did as the sun was sinking, and that is a special part of leaf flushing. After passing the first 2 months, this treatment can be done every other day.

How to care for rose’s next one is pruning. After the flowering plants, we must immediately cut the entire branch is dry, and including all of the plants that have withered stalks and all branches that lead to the inside of the plant. It is intended to make the rose obtain oxygen intake as well as several other important substances for growth. If this is not what we do, then the quantity of interest will be less as well as the stalk flowers will be much shorter.

The next one related to fertilization. This should be done regularly as spring, and then forwarded when the flowering period once a month. We can use special fertilizer or organic fertilizer for the plants. When doing this fertilization, we have to lose ground in the trunk area, and then clean the ground around him of some weeds.

Then how to care for roses is the last we have to pay attention to the disease and pests that can damage crops. Eradication of diseases and pests can use Bordeaux Mixture or Bouillie Bordelaise. These two drugs can eradicate pests and diseases.

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