How to Grow Orchids In Flower Pot

Orchids are plants that need little maintenance complicated but not hard to do. In general, how to grow orchids consists of two main phases, namely the process of planting and fertilizing. Here is the second stage:

1. Cultivation

Orchid plants are usually grown in pots which is a growth medium. The growth medium, there are a variety of materials such as materials that have been designed specifically for orchids. Of them, namely: charcoal or fuel wood, coconut shell, broken bricks or tiles, and coconut fiber.

2. Maintenance

In the maintenance phase of how to grow orchids consists of fertilizing, watering, and pest and disease control.

    a. Fertilization

    The process of fertilizing orchids can be performed using chemical fertilizers or manure. Fertilization with chemical fertilizers is done by way of comparison or mid-size seedlings with different comparisons. For comparison seedlings K, P, K, is 60:30:10. Here, more nitrogen is given in order to form more protein compounds are useful for the growth and development of the orchid. While the mid-size ratio K, P, K, is 30:30:30. Use manure for fertilizing can be done with the dirt goats, horses, buffaloes, and cows. In addition to containing a variety of elements needed by plants, manure also helps once for water storage, especially in the dry season.
    Significantly chemical fertilizer does little to accelerate the growth of orchids. This is because the chemical fertilizers have substituted various elements needed. Elements needed for the growth of orchids include:

        Nitrogen: Nitrogen is needed for the purposes of synthesis of proteins, nucleic acids, amino acids, enzymes and as a constituent leaf chlorophyll (chlorophyll).
        Phosphorus: Phosphorus is useful for plant root growth and maturation.
        Potassium and Potassium: In plant tissues, potassium and potassium reaction function facilitate photosynthesis, respiration, and trans location of carbohydrates.
        Calcium: Calcium is needed as filler material for plant cell walls. In addition, calcium is also used to increase the specific plant hormone that acts to detoxify many toxins that enter.
Magnesium: Magnesium is needed to help the plant as an activator of the enzyme or enzymes, are also involved in the metabolism of protein synthesis.
        Sulfur: Sulfur is a constituent part of the component amino acids, vitamins, and acts as a enzyme.

    b. Sprinkling

    Watering is one of the important factors in section how to grow orchids. Availability of sufficient water to support the growth of the plant as well. This is because the water works, among others, as a source of H and O, filler cells, regulating cell pressure, the carrier of various compounds into the plant, the plant temperature control, and as a solvent for the compounds.

The History behind the Black Roses

Rose is one type of flower ornamental plants that have thorny stems. During this rose is also known as the queen of flowers that symbolize the life of a human civilization. Rose plants come from the plains of Eastern Europe, which later developed into the plains of China and the Middle East. After that, development is very rapid and then spread wide to areas of cold climates (subtropical) and hot regions (tropical).

One type roses are quite popular is the black roses. The interest rate on this one turned out so much, they generally like it because it is quite unique from other types of roses. Besides unique, there are certain people who use black roses for specific purposes.

Among the different types of roses, perhaps this time the existence of the type of black roses are the rarest compared to other types of roses? The existence of black roses is synonymous with black magic or used for material offerings in certain rituals, and the threat of death or murder. In addition the use of black roses also symbolizes separation, the end of a relationship, or the end of a partnership. Black roses are only found in the interior forests of cool temperate wilderness with high rainfall. Black roses usually grow as parasites clinging to the trunk or large tree roots. However, what we know it as black rose nothing but the kind of red roses that had the intensity of the red color very much or concentrated. Red color density of red rose’s type is caused by anthocyanin pigment content and flavonoid compounds are very high. Many causes that make these types of red roses have a high color density so it looks like a black rose. Among them, variants or species of flowers, the weather, the sun, a place to grow the content of the substrate, and genetic disorders.

Habitat for black roses are found in the jungle on a tiny fraction gets sunlight, weather in the rain forest and cool temperate frequently. This is because with a bit of the intensity of the sunlight shining on the red rose plant will keep the buildup to the anthocyanin levels to be much that is not decomposed or oxidized. So also influence the weather, such as cold air. The cold air will make metabolic reactions or decomposition compound by enzymes plant pigments to be slow so that the resulting colors are not to be easily damaged. Therefore, why do black roses plants are only found in the area. However, the researchers examined the plants are also very enthusiastic about the possibility of developing new varieties of roses black crosses certain types of roses. So, one day we may see new varieties of plants pure black roses can be bought in stores flowering plants.

How to Take Care of Roses with Proper

The rose is one of the flowers favored by ladies. This flower is a symbol of love and affection. Flower color is bright and sundry can make everyone instantly liked this one flower. No surprise that roses are often touted as the Queen of Flowers. Well, to make the roses in the yard we continue to bloom beautifully, below is a way of taking care of the roses we can do.

The first is we have to pick roses in pots. It is highly recommended to us the first time to maintain this beautiful flower. Should we use a pot with a large size to make good growth? If you still use a small pot, then the frequency of watering and fertilizer we should do more often than roses planted directly in the ground.

About how planting, we must choose the land that is not easy inundated by water and the soil was not clay. We also have to make sure of that where it has a lot of light intensity, and not have a little breeze. After that, we have to consider is watering the plants. When one to two months of the first, the roses we must flush every day. When watering in the morning we had to flush at the land alone, and make sure the water can seep through the bottom. Then for watering in the afternoon, we did as the sun was sinking, and that is a special part of leaf flushing. After passing the first 2 months, this treatment can be done every other day.

How to care for rose’s next one is pruning. After the flowering plants, we must immediately cut the entire branch is dry, and including all of the plants that have withered stalks and all branches that lead to the inside of the plant. It is intended to make the rose obtain oxygen intake as well as several other important substances for growth. If this is not what we do, then the quantity of interest will be less as well as the stalk flowers will be much shorter.

The next one related to fertilization. This should be done regularly as spring, and then forwarded when the flowering period once a month. We can use special fertilizer or organic fertilizer for the plants. When doing this fertilization, we have to lose ground in the trunk area, and then clean the ground around him of some weeds.

Then how to care for roses is the last we have to pay attention to the disease and pests that can damage crops. Eradication of diseases and pests can use Bordeaux Mixture or Bouillie Bordelaise. These two drugs can eradicate pests and diseases.

Cara mudah Menanam Bunga Mawar dalam Pot

bunga mawar merah
Menanam Bunga Mawar Dalam Pot - Tak dapat disangkal lagi bahwa keindahan bunga mawar memberikan pesona yang luar biasa bagi yang melihatnya. Selain warnanya yang eksotik bunga mawar juga identik dengan lambang cinta. Jadi keingat jaman sekolah dulu hehehe… sok ngasih bunga mawar ke teman wanita pujaan saat hari valentine. Ngaco aja nih,,, sok-sokan romantis walau Cuma modal bunga mawar. Tapi itulah keunggulan bunga mawar, dapat mewakili perasaan seseorang. Karena tidak semua orang mampu mengatakan perasaan cinta pada pujaan hatinya, maka dengan setangkai bunga mawar anda sudah mengatakannya.

Bunga mawar yang harum baunya dapat dengan mudah kita jumpai di mana saja. Ada kalanya cukup ditancapkan batangnya ke tanah saja sudah hidup, meski tidak seindah jika kita menanam, merawat dengan penuh cinta. Dalam artikel sederhana ini akan dibahas bagaimana cara menanam bunga mawar di dalam pot. Paling simpel sih kalo menurut saya ya beli saja di kios bunga. Tinggal dipilih mana yang disukai trus bayar, tinggal bawa pulang,, beres..  sok jadi orang berduit saja main beli… iya kalo Cuma satu, kalo banyak mesti habis berapa duit..

Kebanyakan ngaco nya nih… langsung ajah ya barangkali saja bermanfaat untuk anda para penggemar bunga mawar.  Berikut ini tahapan yang mesti anda lakukan yang saya ambil dari beberapa sumber:

1.    Tips Memilih Bibit
Pemilihan bibit merupakan hal terpenting sebelum menanam bunga. Pilih bibit jenis bunga mawar yang kamu sukai dan bibit harus benar-benar bagus.

2.    Persiapan Lahan
Kalau anda tinggalnya dikota saya yakin akan sulit mencari tanah untuk media. Paling gampang ya beli media tanah yang sudah dicampur dengan kompos di kios bunga. Intinya tanah yang dimasukkan di dalam pot, sebaiknya tanah yang di gunakan jenis tanah yang bagus atau subur.Untuk membuat tanah yang bagus atau subur kamu cukup mencampurkan tanah yang gembur dengan pupuk kandang/kompos serta campurkan juga sekam untuk menampung atau pengikat air dalam tanah.

3.    Proses Penanaman Bunga
Kamu bisa langsung saja menanamkan bibit bunga mawar di tanah yang kita siapkan dalam pot tadi.Untuk memenuhi kebetuhan air pada bunga mawar, setelah bibit di tanam kamu harus rutin menyiram tanah di sekitar bibit yang kita tanam tadi, dan ingat hanya tanah di sekitar bibit yang disiram.Penyiraman yang berlebihan akan membuat bibit yang masih kecil menjadi busuk dan mati.

4.    Perawatan
Pada proses perawatan yang perlu kamu perhatikan adalah pemberian asupan air dan nutrisi dengan cara memberikan pupuk organik atau bisa juga pupuk anorganik,dan kemudian melakukan penyiraman secara rutin pada pagi dan sore hari.Lihat kondisi tanah jika sudah terlalu padat, maka kamu perlu melakukan penggemburan tanah. Karena tanah yang padat akan mengurangi peresapan air maupun zat pupuk yang di butuhkan bunga.

Ketika bunga mawar sudah terlihat rimbun, jangan lupa untuk memangkas beberapa dahan dari bunga tersebut, tujuannya untuk memunculkan dan memperbanyak bunga, kemudian yang terpenting terakhir jangan lupa untuk membersihkan pot bunga dari rumput atau gulma yang mengganggu.